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We all have different goals when we join a Health and Fitness Club, from losing weight and toning up, training for a specific event to generally feeling great about yourself and meeting people. At Herongate Leisure we can provide you with experience and all the support you need in achieving your goals and to help you relax. Simply contact us for our current membership offers.

Training for an Event

Building strength and endurance is key to your performance for an event. Group exercise such as indoor cycling is great for building strength and stamina and will make a vital difference to your personal best on the big day.

General Wellbeing

Exercise makes you feel better about yourself, plus it aids your body’s natural defences to keep feeling great.

Exercising gives you more energy! By incorporating exercise into your daily routine you’ll become fitter and have a bounce in your stride.


It doesn’t all need to be hard work! De-stress with a relaxing swim, sauna, steam and spa after a hard day’s work. Alternatively treat yourself to a pampering session in our peaceful beauty rooms.

Weight Loss

We’ll be there every step of the way to help you achieve your weight loss goals, including carefully designed exercise programmes and nutritional advice.


Keeping the shape you want isn’t all about building power and strength. Toning with light weights and a carefully designed programme will help you obtain and maintain the defined shape you are aiming for.


Our bar lounge offers well priced drinks and with our 52’’ TV you can enjoy live sport coverage in comfort. It also has two pool tables and offers great fun for you and your friends.